Frequently Asked Questions

Finishing a basement usually comes with a lot of questions and we are here to answer all your questions. Here are a few of the more frequent questions and concerns a lot of our customers have asked us in the past.

“How much does it cost to finish a basement”?

The cost to finish a basement is largely driven by variables such as:

  • Square footage
  • Finish selections (quality, brand preference, material choices, availability, artisan features)
  • Custom services

And while some projects have more variables than others, in most cases, customers will typically spend between $40-$70 per square foot on average. Some other variables that can impact the cost of the project (in addition to finishes) can include considerations for:

  • What type of foundation you have and what preparation will be required?
  • Where is your furnace and water heater are located, and will they need to be relocated?
  • Where is your plumbing, electrical and HVAC are located within your basement ceiling and what movement or adjustment will be needed based on your ceiling design and height?

“How long does it take you to finish a basement?”

Most of our basement projects require 8-12 weeks to complete. However, as each project is as unique as the customer who has designed it, our proven process will not only identify an accurate cost of your project, but also an accurate timeline for completion. We make every effort throughout the project to schedule one trade to be working at a time to ensure that the highest quality of work can be completed in the most focused and efficient manner. We believe in quality over quantity.

“Does The Basement Company pull permits or do I do that as the homeowner?”

The Basement Company is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits required by the country to complete your basement remodel. In addition, we manage schedule and participate in all site inspections required at the required times throughout the construction process. The Basement Company, as well as all of its contractor partners, are required to be licensed and insured in order to apply and be granted permits for your basement.  The county or city will verify that our licensing and insurance is current before they will issue any permits.

If a contracting company asks the homeowner to pull the permit in their own name, there’s is a good chance there is a problem with that contactor’s licensing or insurance… and they may not able to obtain a permit on their own. These situations should be avoided at all cost.

“Do you use different contractors to bid your projects every time?”

No. We have used the same trusted relationships with a consistent team of contractors for years that provide dependable plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other common specialty services. Every member of our construction team follows our processes and systems and is committed to the same high standards of quality and conduct.

“Do you bring your materials and contractors through the house?”

In most cases, no. Where there is an egress window with access to the basement, we utilize that window to bring materials, tools, and workers to and from your basement. In some cases, we may have a door, countertop or other material that is too large to utilize the window. In those instances, we work with our customers to obtain permission in advance to bring those over-sized materials carefully through the front door.